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The Dream of Motherhood
It seems so strange
So unusually strange
To live a dream that is moments
Moments later than it is happening
It is so different
So different to live where you wanted to wait
Wait because you werent ready
As diffferent as it is
As strange as it is
The world turns
Time doesnt seem to stop
Struggles come and live and rest
Depression removed by joy
Despite it all
Despite the strangeness and weirdness
Despite it all you still live the dream
You live even if it came true too soon
Watching as your body changes
Feeling intensified fear
Fear of not just yourself
But of the dream you are carrying
This dream is a reality
You cant stay your parents little girl anymore
You soon going to have your own to protect
Instincts kicked in log before this moment
Long before this dream turned into a premature reality
Hold true to the strange
Hold true to the difference
Stay caring for as you carry the dream
Stay happy for your future
Let the struggles lay and die
For struggles are only a moment
Six months
:iconelvengirl6281:Elvengirl6281 0 2
Fragile Butterfly by Elvengirl6281 Fragile Butterfly :iconelvengirl6281:Elvengirl6281 0 1
Thanks To You My Wounds Healed
My heart is in love
But my heart is in pain
I can not remove the scars
Despite how I have tried
I love my sailor
And he mends my wounds
But what we can never remove
The scars that were left behind
It is not his fault
The pain I have earned
I feel bad for making him suffer too
But I am glad I am no longer alone
That there is someone
That there is something
Who will fight for me
I suddenly want to give in
I want to submit
I want to ask for help
I dont deserve to get
But despite this wonderful feeling
Despite how I have healed
I know I must stay strong
And do muchon my own
Dear sailor
I am glad you are the angel from heaven
I am glad that my wounds are now only scars
I am thankful each day
That you came to me
From heaven you came to guide
And love you have received
Thank you for loving me
My lost forsaken soul
When life was turning black and bleak
You brought in the light again
I do not deserve the love you give
Nor do I think I ever will
But give this lost sheep care
And care you shall g
:iconelvengirl6281:Elvengirl6281 0 0
Sweet Dreams
No clouds in a gorgeous sky
No death to chase the dreams away
Flowers dancing in the fields
Hope is sing to give meaning
A river gently moving by
And birds fly across the sky
Trees grow tall and sweet
Fruit they bare for all to keep
Why there is a rabbit hopping happily
And a deer prancing wnderfully
Who would dare destroy suchh beauty?
Such perfect joy?
Why no perfect soul would
No content soul would
But all is too still
Too perfect to be real
It is nothing more than a dream
A sweet dream in a childs head
Outside there is pain
A woman crying
A man yelling
Guns firing
People dying
Dream on sweet child
Dont let the pain in
You need such perfect dreams
To remain happy
To live on
Dream of that happy field of flowers
Dream of those precious animals
Don't let the real world take the magic away
Don't lose all your hope
The guns and screams
The pain and danger
It is not yours for now
Sleep on child
Ignore the world one more night
Beacause in the morning it claims you
:iconelvengirl6281:Elvengirl6281 1 3
Product Of Pain
The heart of the dream
The heart of the life
The part of a child
Who has laid down her head
A simple kiss
A simple hope
Her mother prays
Will help her cope
A child lived through hell
A child a product of pain
Asleep without knowledge
Dreams of peace and candy canes
It is terrible to see
That this child could be me
Daydreaming of love
Daydreaming of peace
Only a hope to end the pain
Only the shelter in my head
Never feeling safe
Always feeling insane
I have been through Hell
I have seen Satan's face
I no longer fear living
I no longer fear death
The product of pain
The product of suffering
Still dreaming of peace
Love's hope remains
:iconelvengirl6281:Elvengirl6281 0 3
What is this?
What is it not?
A heart that yearns
A heart that does not
A heart that hopes
It's soul does not
Why does this happen?
Why does it not?
There is nothing to dream
There is nothing to live
Life is a dream
Life is dreamless
What is it we seek?
What is it we dont?
Why do we contradict?
Why do we not?
This is the heart of it all
This is the heart of pain
This is the heart of love
We do not see any of these things
We do not even notice
We are blind forever
Only until we admit it
Will we be able to see
That the heart of the world
Is contradictions
:iconelvengirl6281:Elvengirl6281 0 0
What Did I Choose?
What peace is afforded to me by escape?
What kind of mess did I leave behind?
I only saved my sorry life
I didnt stop to think about them
What did I do?
What pain did I cause?
I only thought of myself
Not the pain they would go through
Why didnt I think?
Why didnt I see?
I should of known he wouldnt change
Should have known that they would become hopless
I only thought of myself
I only cared about myself
My fears have been proven
But that didnt help them
Now they suffer anytime I'm away
I was the scapegoat of his rage
I was the one who took the front
Now they face it alone
I'm still Glad I left
But I left no peace for my brothers at all
:iconelvengirl6281:Elvengirl6281 0 7
Go When You Know Is Right
I cant believe my eyes
The youth that she reclaimed
She isnt young
But she is no longer as old
Her wisdom unchanged
Her words speak to my soul
She says she is ready
She says she is waiting
She thinks there is a place better than heaven
She knows he'll be waiting
Why is she waiting
Before she moves on?
Is her son not aware
Or does he not care?
I feel for her
Though she knows he might not come
So off to the one who is waiting
She might go
But thanks I received
For all that I've done
For trying to make her happy
And comfortable
Thank you for being my Grandmother
And you deserve to be comfortable
I know you will go to the best place for you
And I am certain that the man you love wants you too
Go to that peace when you know is right
I think we can accept it
No matter the time
:iconelvengirl6281:Elvengirl6281 0 0
Death And Rebirth .:New Hope:.
I find joy and sadness
In just two days they came together
One person is dying
And another comes back to life
The joy and sorrow is tough
The confused emotion hard to handle
But at least happiness exists
At leasts it's not gone
The one I thought was gone
She returns
Other than my mother
She was the one to see me for me
My grandmother is going
Moving to the next world soon
87 years experience behind her
One I missed
One I will miss dearly
Both loved more than they know
I pray for continued good memories
I pray for as much time as possible
Be it talk or time in general with both
Blessed crone may the passage be peaceful
Blessed maiden thank you for something to aid the pain
Now I have peace
Now there is peace
Let this continue
And may the one pass soundly
And may the other remain more soundly
So much love and peace
In love and peace
Thank the gods
:iconelvengirl6281:Elvengirl6281 1 0
A New Fear Rises
The world is so small
Yet the dangers are so real
Some are outside of the family
And rarely with the family
You know you are invisible
When your father doesn't listen
You know you weren't loved
When he raises his hand
I have never seen this before
In all my 19 years
Never had this man ever threatened me like this
Not within my memory
I now fear him more than before
I want to avoid him even more
I do not feel safe anywhere anymore
And I do not want to feel this way
Why did this happen?
He was discussing things I had forgot
Did he regress as I progressed?
Did I gain and he loose?
I hate this idea of me growing older
And my father growing younger
But I still dont understand
And I am still afraid
What lies ahead for me?
What is in store?
Maybe peace will find a way in this place
Maybe fear will leave me again
:iconelvengirl6281:Elvengirl6281 0 3
To See From A Child's Eyes
To see the world from a child's eyes
Wouldn't that be wonderful
To see how wonderful it all is
To feel the beuty in life
Wouldn't it be grand
To see what nature offers
To feel the peace of the land
To share the chance to gaze to the moon
The world so large
Yet so small
To know that you exist
To want to live like that forever
Why do we lose that?
Or do we really lose it?
Why is it we dont see like that?
Why dont we feel like that?
Wouldn't life be better
If we had the hearts of children?
Wouldn't it be grand
To stare at the sky?
To wonder what is above?
To believe that there is something more?
To hope for something more?
To know that nature is pure?
But is that meant only for children?
Even now I stare at the sky
Even now I dream
Do we really lose that touch?
Do we really lose our childhood in a moment?
I don't believe we do
I believe we just forget to be a child
I believe we forget to stop and listen
We forget how it was to love
Love everything in the world
Then we search for it again
:iconelvengirl6281:Elvengirl6281 2 7
Your Friend Leaves
What do you do...
When your best friend leaves?
When she decides to die?
When she replaced you?
What do you do...
When your best friend cries?
When she has no trust in you?
When she wants revenge on your replacement?
You face so much.
You made a mistake.
She won't forgive you.
She is your best friend.
What do you do...
When she tells you the truth?
When she wants nothing from you?
When she wasn't honest?
She has hurt you
but didn't you hurt her?
You only messed up once
It was so long ago
She betrayed you many times
She hurt you time and again
You rose above to help her
You focused on her
Why wont she listen?
Why will she go die infront of your replacement?
You cant watch
You messed up
Then your replaced
Even after every apology
You are replaced because of a mistake
Then that replacement hurt her
When you promised never to hurt her again
You promised to help her forever
What do you do...
When no matter what she made up her mind?
When your love of your friend is betrayed?
When you want h
:iconelvengirl6281:Elvengirl6281 2 5
Happy Bday Navy Boy by Elvengirl6281 Happy Bday Navy Boy :iconelvengirl6281:Elvengirl6281 1 0 Map of .... by Elvengirl6281 Map of .... :iconelvengirl6281:Elvengirl6281 2 0
Love Forevermore
A heart so gentle
The gentle pull of the tide
The kiss in the night air
The moon shining down
A dawn soon to come
A love not dying
A pure day arising
As bright as the morning sun
Listening to the water
As it rushes over the sand
The lovers remember
That life is ine their hands
He was soon to part on that ocean
A sailor he is to be
She a girl with broken dreams
Her only true dream to be happy
They spent their final moments
Staring at the fading stars
They knew their love would last
Beyond the sea and more
6 months he would be away
And 6 months she would wait
He promised he would marry her
She promised to remain his
With the dawns arrival
The sailor pulled her up
They kissed one last time
Before they went to the pier
The waves washing as they traveled
As salty as her tears
She was happy he was her's
He was happy she said yes
The true test of love
They both would pass
As he kissed her and said good bye
She handed him a letter
She said to him
Exactly this:
"Wait until you miss me
Wait unti
:iconelvengirl6281:Elvengirl6281 1 3
Everyone Lives In Tales
    I thought about something today. I don't know exactly what made me think about it. Maybe it was because of watching Disney's "Ratatoullie", you know the movie where the rat is a great and magnificant cook, or maybe it was the fact I love to write so much, and my family says I need to get my head in reality.
    Well one of the things I thought about was the concept of reality. We all know that writers live in not only reality, but they live in their own as well. They show people their world through their words. An artist lives in other realms as well, many find home in another plain of reality which gives their realism a new divine appearance. Many others find also find home in worlds outside of the realm of the real, shown through images in their art. Videogame designers, movie makers, they share this, but instead of still images they bring it to life.
    Don't tell me you only think these people are the only ones who fi
:iconelvengirl6281:Elvengirl6281 2 6

Random Favourites

peaceful memories
The peaceful memories
Of a time not so long ago
Missed moments in time
Memories start to flow
Looking back to a time when nothing was taken for granted
Hopeful smiles and blissful laughter
Let's play pretend and turn back the clock
Let your thoughts gather
Remember what it feels like to be a carefree child
Baking cookies and eating the dough off the spoon
Let's go back just for a little while
We'll sing songs to the man in the moon
Peaceful memories of childhood stories
Campfires and sparklers
Not a worry in the world
When we were all little toddlers
Never let go of your precious memories
Whenever you are feeling lonely think back in time
Feeling the warmth of your childhood
Let your thoughts chime.
:iconxmariah:xMariah 3 4
Chibi Phil for Ami by HyperAnimeKittyGirl Chibi Phil for Ami :iconhyperanimekittygirl:HyperAnimeKittyGirl 5 7
The Fear
I keep breaking easily
I keep falling down
I keep breaking easily
And falling off my silver cloud
I keep thinking of losing you
I keep fearing the pain
I keep thinking of losing you
And the pain that wouldn't go away
I'm wondering how far we can make it
How far we can go
I wonder if you know
How badly you can break it
How far down I can go
Oh, God, you're wrapped around my soul
:iconangelsfall21:angelsfall21 1 3
As I was without you
Looking back on all the times
We've had together; good and bad
I cannot help but feel sublime
When I see to you and know that I'm
Never again to feel so sad
:iconthecrossing:thecrossing 4 8
Miri+Butterfly by Miriamele Miri+Butterfly :iconmiriamele:Miriamele 197 30
Starflakes dropping
Within the moon's shadow
Glisten in the last dredges
Of the sun's last salute
Fall on bare skin
And unsuspecting hearts
An instant of flashburn, pain
Scarred forevermore
Bask in the starshine
Follow the path ahead
Bear the scars as badges
Of choices made before
:icongoldflbryn:GoldFLBryn 1 1
The Dark Signer-Kiryu Kyosuke by RappelzRagnarok The Dark Signer-Kiryu Kyosuke :iconrappelzragnarok:RappelzRagnarok 865 388
You tell me that I'm a bitch
So there must be a glitch
That makes me so bad
I look at my mom, her face is sad
I try to be good, I try to be nice
But I guess it's just the roll of the dice
It seems like each turn the dice makes
It is always a bad side, around my body there are snakes
They like to constrict on me, like I'm their prey
They squeeze me a little bit more each day
They will continue to squeeze, til there is nothing left of me
Guess that's ok, there was nothing to me anyway
After all, I'm just a bitch, a whore
And nothing more.
:icondarkbluewaters:DarkBlueWaters 1 6
When I hear his name
As I see his face
In his eyes, I see the pain
Reminding me that life is just a game
I feel so bad
I feel like a traitor
I wonder how he can never get mad
When we stand together, there is the worlds biggest crater
I can't stand the space between, but it needs to be this way
With the look of sadness on my face, there is one more thing I need to say
I am sorry for all this pain I have caused you, I wish I could take it all away
But the one thing you need to know, is that it has to be this way.
Months pass and he is still there, waiting, and wanting me.
As I stand before him, he looks into my eyes
I feel fear for him and fear for me as well, can't you see?
As the vows are said, my head shuts down and cries
Is this fate? What if we are ripped apart?
Then we would hurt inside, and my world would be turned upside down
But, in the end, I know my heart is going to be torn apart.
Here we are, still stuck in our mess
Yet here I am, picking out my dress
We are going to yet ano
:icondarkbluewaters:DarkBlueWaters 1 0
School Project : On the Sly by 14thSquadron School Project : On the Sly :icon14thsquadron:14thSquadron 5 7 monocular by primatona monocular :iconprimatona:primatona 8 6
Life is a potter's wheel girating noisily
Squeaking a song that reminds me of misery
Misery, Suffering, Death, and Disquietude
Why must I bear with such pain and incertitude?
What could it be this sensation that hangs on me?
What must I do to dispel all this misery?
Somebody answer me! save me from hopelessness!
Free us of Dukkha and all the unhappiness!
:iconlatinamnonvoco:latinamnonvoco 1 3
You are a liar
You lied to me
You mad me bleed
From my heart
My world is coming apart
How could you?
I trusted you
I only gave you half of my heart because I knew
I'm not coming back from me and you
I made my promise that I would be all I could
I guess that wasn't enough for you
Even though tht was all I could do
I wish I never said yes
I put my heart to the test
You took it away from me and gave me back little pieces
Now all I have is the mess you have made
From my past this is the price I have paid
You said that you loved me
But you lied to my face!
How could you! I trusted you, I meant it when I said I loved you.
But you're right,
You never have loved me
You're heart belongs to someone else.
But you never told me, you just kept playing with my heart
But it's apart of me, my heart, my soul, shattered forever.
But I guess that it was ment to be, I wish I never loved you.
I told you that we were friends still
As I Promised, I will.
But I doubt another day,
There has got to be another w
:icondarkbluewaters:DarkBlueWaters 2 0
SAKURA-CHAN by inukin SAKURA-CHAN :iconinukin:inukin 2 0
goddess butterfly
everytime i see you, i don't see ugly on you even tho your body is cage in by the devil's kiss of birth.
you look like a glamorous butterfly who flies into the blue sky.
don't let ugly kill you.
Angels will guide you to the moon through time.
be  the sun, tars, blue sky and moonlight to your beloved becuse it'll take you far as i love you just the way you are.
:iconmyenternalwish:myenternalwish 2 8



United States
Not much to tell. I'm just a girl who looks up to a very good friend, tries to enjoy life and has a problem with falling in love. Nothing else to it.

Current Residence: somewhere
Favourite genre of music: Every
Favourite cartoon character: Rei from Evangelion and above all Vincent Valentine
Personal Quote: The moon is the mother, the maiden, the crone. She is all aspects of life.
I am so busy again. Between school, work, and trying to keep as much sanity as I can. I am happy and not. I am learning so much. OR am I admitting to stuff I have already known?
    I am in theater this semester to my surprise. I didnt really see the teacher aiding me with such a quest as to get me in the class. granted all the work is truly my own but I was given a step in the right direction. I didnt get a big role which is fine by me, but I do have a character. No lines, three songs, and all I do is walk around the stage from what i understand. the character isnt entirely defined yet because the teacher doesnt know if the character will be male or female yet. but its cool. I'm also on props duty so that is even more awesome.
    The next thing on the agenda is, what does it take to truly love, and understand what makes love so important to the world. I always believed it was just prt of life, but it is more than that. I have done nothing but watch "Samurai 7" the last few days, and I saw the episode that reminded me the purity in love. Komachi fell in love Kikacho, even though Komachi is only about 8 or 9. Kikacho is much older than that, but died fighting for the little girl who thought so much of him. So how does this explain anything? Well, everyone has noticed that my big thing is having the heart of a child. Despite it all still having that innocence that isnt defined by no experience, but the willingness to look up at smile, no matter how you feel. That is how I figured it out. and it never fails.
  • Listening to: The Dream by In This Moment
  • Reading: E.A. Poe
  • Watching: No Ordinary Family
  • Drinking: Water and Tea


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